F350B Desk Top Hot Roll Laminator & Foiling Machine


F350B Desk Top Hot Roll Laminator & Foiling Machine


Create stunning foil
& UV effects from
your laser printer

• Single Or Double Sided Laminate In One Pass
• Foil, Spot UV & Special Effects
• Quick Set-up Paper Alignment Guides
• Laminating Film / Foil Perforators
• 18 Levels Of Anti-curl Devices
• LCD Read-out Panel
• Laminating / Foil Start And Pause Operation

The F350B Desk Top Hot Roll Laminator & Foiling Machine

Our range of compact desktop digital laminating machines includes the F350B Hot Roll Laminator and Foiling Machine – This machine includes many features normally found on large, expensive semi-automated laminating systems.

The F350 range consists of two different desk top models that offer both semi or full automation. With the ability to run 350 gsm board (300 gsm on auto-feed models), Duo Laminate on the 350A models, Duo Laminate, Foil / Special Effects on the 350B models

With the option of a high pressure heated, chrome impact laminating roller (as opposed to a standard silicone rubber coated impact roller) using a 1,400 Watt Infra-Red Heater ensuring perfect temperature control at all times.

Both machines come equipped with an 18 stage Anti-Curl bar at speeds up to 4.8 metres per minute.

Encapsulation can also be achieved on sheets up to 330 mm wide and films up to 250 Micron.

An integrated Perforation Wheel fitted as standard on both models, perforates the laminating film during operation, enabling the finished laminated sheets to be easily pulled/separated, ready for trimming on your guillotine

An automatic ‘Lamination Film Bursting Option’ can also be added to the machine. This optional device aids the splitting of each individual sheet as the laminated sheets leave the delivery end of the machine, achieving individual, layflat sheets ready for trimming.

Both the 350A Hot Roll Laminator and 350B Laminating / Foiling Machine offer the ability to laminate either single or two sides simultaneously. The 350B Laminating / Foiling Machine offers the added benefit of being able to foil a printed digital sheet to give stunning metallic and special effects.

350B Laminating / Foiling Machine has a rewind unit on the delivery end of the machine used to remove the waste foil during the foiling operation. The rewinding unit can also be used to re-wind laminated sheets as they exit from the machine, helping the operator to focus on the feed end during the lamination process. Rewinding a laminated sheet during the lamination process helps to de-curl sheets when laminating to one side only. Curling of sheets can occur when laminating one side only on thinner paper / card or using a thicker laminate substrate. The re-wound sheets can then be manually split once the job is complete.

The Foiling ( dry coating / sheening / Sle-king ) process has been around for sometime, however since the refinement of Digital Laser Printers and further improvements of laser foils / effects films etc., this process can now match the quality of traditional heavy duty, expensive foiling platens & presses, plus without the need for foil die tools, makes this process much more cost effective, especially when it comes to short print runs.

The 350B Laminating / Foiling Machine can produce a fast range of coloured foils, unique finishes, clear varnish effects, security holograms, gloss, matt and soft touch laminate finishes.

The 350B Laminating / Foiling Machine does not require any special training or skills and the simple process makes it easy to produce short run bespoke speciality print items such as invitations, greetings cards, packaging, labels, tickets, digitally printed book covers plus a  deluxe range of printed business stationery.

Both the 350B Laminating / Foiling Machine and the 350A Laminating Machine offers a perfect solution to short run, high-speed desk top laminating and foiling at an affordable price.


  • Compact Desktop Design
  • Heavy Duty Chrome Impact Laminating Roller
  • High Power Infrared Thermal Heaters (1,400 Watts)
  • High Capacity Film Holders for up to 500 metre rolls of UltraBond (Top and Bottom)
  • Infrared Sensor on Feed Tray Prevents Jams or miss-feeds
  • Top and Bottom Film Perforation
  • Auto Burst Function (350A)
  • All Foiling and Clear UV Effects (350B)
  • Capable of Single and Double Sided Laminating
  • Traditional Encapsulation also Possible
  • 18 Stage Anti-Curl Bar with Patent Roller Technology to Avoid Scratching
  • Variable Roller Pressure via Side Dial
  • Mount up to 5mm
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Independent Speed and Temp Controls
  • High Speed Production with up to 4.8 Metres Per Minute

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A fast small format desk top hot roll laminator. Laminating to 4,8m/min at full speed*

Single or Double sided laminating options

Both Hot and cold lamination options with an opening of up to 5mm thickness for heavy board substrates.

Large diameter steel upper roller for optimal heat transfer to substrates and surface heat replenishment.

Anticurling bar to help ease delivery of paper path

Both rollers are heated with a combined 1400W, the most powerful in its size class, which enables amazing high production speed.

Upper and lower roll holders with 1” (25mm) mandrels.

Space for rolls up to 20cm diameter.

Suitable for gloss and matt films from 30 to 250 micron

Digital speed and temp control.

Dual spring hot and traction roller lever with 5 pressure positions.

Includes 1 Year RTB Warranty




Paper Width 130mm – 350mm
Paper Length 110mm – 999mm
Paper Thickness 80mm – 400mm
Speed 300 (mtrs/h)
Max Film Diametre 160mm
Heating Rollers 2
2 Sided Laminating 
Anti-Curl 18
Volts AC220v
Machine Dimensions 700mm x 650mm x 530mm
Machine Weight 45kg

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