F350a Hot Roll Laminator

F350a Hot Roll Laminator

A professional SRA3 desk top
Hot Roll Laminator at an affordable price..

• Single or double sided laminate in one pass
• Quick set-up paper alignment guides
• Laminating film perforators
• 18 Levels of anti-curl devices
• Paper feed sensors
• LCD Read-out panel
• Laminating start and pause operation
• A robust machine built with quality components
• 1 Year RTB Warranty


A very robust yet affordable laminating machine, giving professional laminating results..
This machine can laminate either one side or two sides simultaneously and is very quick and easy to set up.
It will take paper thicknesses from .08mm – 5mm (appx 80gsm to 400gsm) and speeds of up to 300mtrs/h.

The F350A Hot Roll Laminating machine will accommodate large rolls of laminate up to Max Film Diametre of 20cm for those long laminating runs.

There are two Heated Rollers on the laminating machine giving optimum lamination adhering to both sides of the sheet when laminating two sides simultaneously.
An Anti-Curling device with 18 settings helps to aid the smooth travel of paper &/or card through the machine.
The machine is also equipped with ‘perforating’ wheels located on each roll of laminate which helps aid separating the laminated sheets at the delivery end.. 

The F350A Hot Roll Laminating comes with an Auto Feed and Auto Bursting option.. Please contact us for further details,

With a small foot print of 700mm x 650mm x 530mm the F350A Desk Top Hot Roll Laminator will comfortably fit and be an integral part of any digital printing company.


A fast small format desk top hot roll laminator. Laminating to 4,8m/min at full speed*

Single or Double sided laminating options

Both Hot and cold lamination options with an opening of up to 5mm thickness for heavy board substrates.

Large diameter steel upper roller for optimal heat transfer to substrates and surface heat replenishment.

Anticurling bar to help ease delivery of paper path

Both rollers are heated with a combined 1400W, the most powerful in its size class, which enables amazing high production speed.

Upper and lower roll holders with 1” (25mm) mandrels.

Space for rolls up to 20cm diameter.

Suitable for gloss and matt films from 30 to 250 micron

Digital speed and temp control.

Dual spring hot and traction roller lever with 5 pressure positions.

Includes 1 Year RTB Warranty




Paper Width 130mm – 350mm
Paper Length 110mm – 999mm
Paper Thickness 80mm – 400mm
Speed 300 (mtrs/h)
Max Film Diametre 160mm
Heating Rollers 2
2 Sided Laminating 
Anti-Curl 18
Volts AC220v
Machine Dimensions 700mm x 650mm x 530mm
Machine Weight 45kg

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