heated Wide Format Laminating machine

NEW FOR 2021

Heated Wide Format Laminating Machine

Wide Format Laminator
with Pneumatic
Heated Top Roller

• Laminating width 1520mm
• Maximum laminating thickness 25mm
• Heated top roller (pre-heat time 10-15 mins @ 60°c)
• Pneumatic lifting top roller – single switch operated
(air compressor supplied)
• Variable speed control – top speed 30m/sec
• Media cutting knives
• Infa-red safety cut-out device

Heated Wide Format Laminating machine

Ex VAT: £1995.00
Delivery: £100.00
TOTAL £2095.00 Plus VAT

NEW FOR 2021

Electric Desk Top
Paper Folding Machine

• Folds paper size from A3 to 128mm x 182mm
• Folds from 50gsm to 220gsm
• Folding speed up 12,000 sheets per hour
• Fold Types: Single, Letter, Zig-Zag,
Gate, Double parallel, Fold-out
• Digital paper counter

Ex VAT: £1250.00
Delivery: £80.00
TOTAL £1,330.00 Plus VAT

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