Shrink Wrap Machine


The ideal solution to fully wrap and protect your product
• Max pack size: L 455 x W 355 x H 120mm

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The heat shrink chamber creates a highly secure and tamper proof product or package and is designed to speed up production lines using a simple operation, whether you are wrapping products for retail display or have a large number of bulk products for despatch this machine provides a consistent and reliable performance and being mobile, allows for easy maneuverability throughout your factory floor.
Machine Overview
Using a split bopp film, drawn through the perforator, over the product which is then placed in the basket.
The excess film overhangs the front edge of the machine. When the top lid is closed, the film is sealed & cut using a hot bar.
Hot air is then blown into the main chamber, heating it to around 240°C.
Note when starting from cold it takes several dry run warm up cycles to bring the main chamber to a working temperature.

A timer switches on the chamber heating system for 5 to 7 seconds as the film is shrunk around the product (when the chamber is at operational temp).
The product is then removed and the cycle is re-started.

The machine is practically ready to use out of the crate…

Carrier set up:
All that is needed is to slide the roller carrier into the guides which then clip to lock it in place.

Installing the film in the carrier:
The film roll support axle and mandrels are put into the core of the film.
The axle is laid onto the carrier bearing with the film unreeling in a clockwise direction with the
film open side to the front.

Threading the film:
The film is drawn from the carrier
It is then run through the perforator roller and then opened to run one side under and the other side over the separator plate.

Adjusting for the depth (front to back length) of the product:
The separator plate, the carrier and the perforator can all be adjusted on their guides to allow for larger or smaller product sizes.
The closed side of the film should be about 4 cm from the products rear side.
The open side will overhang the front of the machine.

Making the weld:
For the first cycle a dry run is done to get a seal line on the film which will be pulled to the left side of the product.
Do not weld for more than 1,5 sec or the film will burn and smoke and you may damage the heaters.

Correct film overhang:
The film is drawn to the left so that the welded side of the film is about 4 cm from the product and the right side and front sides of the product is about 4 cm from the edge of the basket.
This will mean that the welded film will be a fairly close fit around the product and will require minimal time to shrink to size.

Use of the perforator:
The perforator makes small holes in the film to allow the excess air to escape when the film is shrinking, if there are no holes the film will just make a “pillow”
It is set so that the perf line is located mid way across the product.

Timer and temperature adjustments:
Temp adjustment is carried out using the digital display to about 240°C
Weld time is adjusted by the timer and is set between 1.5 seconds or the film will burn and smoke. (test runs are recommended)
Shrink time is set to about 7 sec initially when chamber temp is at 240°C and then as the work progresses can be brought to about 5 sec.
Note: The product should be at room temperature or the shrinking process will be greatly slowed up…
a lower temp will not shrink the bopp film.

• Sealing heater with timer
• Adjustable Roll Holder for rolls up to 220mm dia
• Adjustable position loading table for different product depths
• The ideal solution to fully wrap and protect your product
• Max pack size: L 450 x W 350 x H 100mm
• Production cycle with good quality 1-5P/min (note cheaper 1d films may shrink slowly and unevenly)
• Variable temp, variable closing time, variable film width roll dispenser
• Power: 220V 50Hz • 16A - 2000W
• Production speed: 1-5P/min
• Machine size: L 1300 x W 780 x H 800mm
• Net Weight: 120kg
• Crated on skid

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 1300 × 780 × 800 cm


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