Perfect Binding Machine


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Perfect Binding Machine

For use with Thermal PVA Glue & Planamelt Glue

See further information on Planamelt Glue

The new polymer basis of Planamelt R offers various advantages against a common EVA hot melt glue, like better oxidation stability, better adhesion to the paper edges and better durability of the books, improved oil and heat resistance and reduced odour.
By reduced density consumption is reduced by approximately 6% compared to conventional EVA-based spine glues.

Perfect Binding Machine Technical Specifications:

  • TOUCHSCREEN display for setting the working parameters and the 3 operating modes  (manual, automatic with standby, automatic with return)
  • Stand-by Function
  • Maximum working length: 335 mm
  • Maximum binding width: 60 mm
  • Working speed: up to 250 books/hour
  • Cover tightening mode: automatic
  • Cover insertion mode: manual
  • Glue application mode: automatic
  • Glue application: system with a single lubrication roller + lateral glue application rollers
  • Secondary glue tank for side lubrication
  • Milling system with 9 blades with adjustable angles
  • Milling dust collector: YES
  • Warming-up time: 30-45 min
  • Power: 220V

Perfect Binding Machine dimensions:

Boway K5 – without packaging:
Lenght: 130 cm
Width: 67 cm
Height: 108cm


What maintenance is required for the Perfect Binding Machine?

The machine must be cleaned and greased periodically. The guide rails for the milling knife and the glue tank must be lubricated. Excess residual glue must always be cleaned.

When does the blade need replacement/sharpening?

The milling knife is one of the most important components. Excessive usage of an un-sharpened knife leads to poor quality binding.
We recommend sharpening / replacing the knife when the sheets no longer fit snugly on the spine.


Why do the sheets come away from the spine?

Possible causes for the sheets to come away from the spine are the following:
• A worn milling knife
• The use of a poor quality of glue
• An insufficient amount of glue


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